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17 May

I am no Angelina fan.  I can’t get over that weird stage she went through with Billy Bob Thornton.  Creepy.  However, she is brave and I am impressed with her sharing her masectomy story.  How many women do you know that are so defined by or attached to their breasts that they are mortified with the thought of losing them?  You know, when the breast cancer topic comes up over a few glasses of wine?  We’ve all been there and each woman’s feelings are understandable.  But, cancer is nothing to f…around with.  And this gene Angelina has is a doozy.

Maybe she will do more than raise awareness.  Maybe she will raise acceptance and help dispell the fear or denial that can be associated with the possibility of carrying this gene.  Maybe, loosing a breast or two will not seem so defeminizing and instead will seem more empowering.  Breasts are great, but they are not great enough to hold onto if it is a risk to your life.

One of my dearest friends has the BRCA1 gene and so did her mother and so does her sister.  This is scary stuff.  My friend fought breast cancer the hard way…a year of chemo, surgeries, radiation and more.  Not fun.  Scary.  She kicks ass and is tougher than nails, but it definitely sucked and sucked hard.

She is encouraging her sister to take Angelina’s route so she doesn’t have to go through chemo and radiation in addition to surgeries.  This is tough, but the whole point of all our modern technology and information is to help people, to prevent suffering, to be one step ahead of disease.  This is a good step and Angelina is ballsy for doing it and ballsy for sharing.  And since I am sure she still looks amazing and gorgeous, maybe more ladies will fear less about the vanity portion of a mastectomy and think about getting it done before it is no longer a choice.

Ooops. Do Over.

29 Apr

I guess my consistency goal has already gone to shit.  Arg.  I had high hopes and good intentions.  I can’t even come up with a good excuse.  Sad.  I need a do over.

The Walking Wondergirls held their second bake sale for The American Cancer Society on Friday.   We tried a different grocery store this time and set up camp.  The manager was nice and most of the patrons.  But, there was a difference in the clientele. It was palpable.  Weird.  There is only about 1.5 miles between this store and the last one where we held a bake sale a few weeks ago.

At the first bake sale, people smiled and acknowledged our teen girls.  If they didn’t want to buy a treat (at a very, very reasonable price…especially for all home baked goodies),  they donated. They were generous and appreciative for our girls’ effort.  They asked questions and told stories. Cancer affects everyone.

This past Friday was very different.  The girls had to work for it and work hard.  People turned away, sometimes ignoring the girls completely.  There were some friendly folks, of course.  Many smiled or participated.  But even when the girls were asking, “Want to help us fight cancer?”  Many scampered by with their heads down and said, “Not today.”

I realize the economy sucks and life can pull you in many directions emotionally and financially, but come on!!!  “Do you only fight cancer on Saturday?  Not Friday?”  I kept my mouth shut, but these were my thoughts.  At least smile and toss these girls a quarter.

What has happened?  Are we so bombarded with solicitors and pan handlers that we think all are scammers?  Are we so jaded that six teen girls, with clear approval from the store manager, cannot raise money for a good cause?  I’m being dramatic, they did raise some money, but the vibe was weird.Maybe it was too hot. I just think a smile and some recognition goes a long way for everyone.  Don’t pretend someone isn’t there and rush past.  Acknowledge him/her and say, “Good luck.  I wish I could help.”  Something.  Anything.

We had some bright moments. One British grandma said she was delighted to see teens doing something productive and for a good cause.  She was proud of our girls.  I am, too.  They have raised nearly $500 to fight cancer so far and are gearing up to hoof it around that track for 24 hours in only one month. These girls are part of an event that raises over $400 million annually to help cancer patients and cancer research.  I wonder what the nay sayers at the market are doing to make a difference?

Here’s a link to Relay for Life. Get involved!



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