10 Apr

Not to brag, but around these parts, and parts of Central California where I spent many years, I’m known for my cookies.  Yes, in the scheme of things, I realize this is a sad, pathetic talent to be known for.  I have a husband who is an accomplished artist, a son and daughter who are incredibly creative and talented.  I cook.  Specifically, I bake.  This is not impressive.  But if you are hungry, I can provide you with tasty treats. I bake most days of the week and have since I was a teen.  So, I am pretty committed to my gigantic KitchenAid mixer.  In fact, as ridiculous as this sounds to those of you who don’t enjoy time in the kitchen…If my family was safe and I had five minutes to grab stuff out of the house before it collapsed, it would probably be the photo albums, hard drive with photos, kid art and KitchenAid.

Until the event I am about to disclose, I didn’t even know just how radical my KitchenAid mixer was… I knew it was heavy, beastly even.  No joke, this bad daddy weighs over thirty pounds.  Now you know why I do 100 push-ups/day…I need to be strong enough to hoist this baby onto the kitchen counter and back into the cupboard.  Princessenpointe didn’t weigh 3o pounds until she was over two years old!  I received my KitchenAid mixer as a gift for Mother’s Day about a decade ago, so I did no research, information gathering, etc.  I only knew it could mix a quadruple batch of Snickerdoodles and  whip just about anything else into smithereens in seconds.  But, now I know it is a Professional 6.  This is one of the bad daddy models.

I know this because I was mixing whole wheat pizza dough the other day and the KitchenAid started smoking…smoking as in big plumes of smoke spewing from the back and from the front.  I was out back watering the plants while it mashed my dough for six minutes and when I came inside,  the kitchen was smokey.  Does this make the pizza “electrically fired?”  It’s a new take on “coal fired”…only instead of firing the dough in a coal fired oven, you fire the raw dow in a broken down KitchenAid.  EEEEK.  I was afraid to unplug the cord from the electrical socket.  Mind you, both Princessenpointe and Princelightningbolt were nearby and neither noticed the smell or the smoke.  So, if you invite them over to your house, be sure your smoke detector has new batteries because they probably won’t notice that your house is burning down.

Long story short, my KitchenAid is at the repair shop getting new motor parts.  I lasted one day without it and had to borrow Mrscooksalot’s extra.  This extra mixer is a bitty, bitty baby compared to my bad boy, but it will do until I get mine back.  I’ve made some macaroons in it and they are delicious, but I still feel like something major is missing from my life.

Look closely…there is a little plume coming out of the front of the mixer..this is all the smoke that was left after I freaked out for a few minutes, unplugged and thought to go get my phone for a picture…Next time I will be quicker to get the shot.


4 Responses to “Smoking”

  1. Nora April 10, 2013 at 4:28 am #

    This is a crisis! Hopefully it will be fixed soon. Although I thought you used to have an older green one.

  2. bossybostwick April 10, 2013 at 4:39 am #

    Crisis central! Thank goodness Mscooksalot had an extra because I think I donated that cool, old vintage turquoise one to Goodwill years ago…but, damn, you have a good memory!

    • D2 April 10, 2013 at 12:33 pm #

      I am a witness to you being known for your cookies. For those of you, who thought pegleg was just known for running, let me tell you that is not the case. It’s the cookies. She once made me several dozen to share with my co-workers. We had a long flight on a KC-135 from so Cal to Oklahoma. Like most humans we plan the food on these trips (but we are not limited to the TSA guidelines on our planes). Of course, I humbly asked ‘running woman’, ‘pegleg’, aka, and ‘best baker around’ 24 hours prior to this flight. Yep, she delivered them still warm to my front porch during the wee hours. Oh yum, my favorites are the chocolate chip or is it the Snicker doodles? Okay, the later are definitely sirbrokenleg’s favorite. Oh back to the story (what can I say? Try those cookies and you will get distracted too), my co-workers still ask when I am bringing in more cookies. I really did tell them that my dear friend, the ‘running woman’ made them but they can’t see past the good memories of the taste of those cookies that arrived by my hand. I have always wanted one of those Kitchenaid mixers. I love to cook but I am completely intimidated by the mere size of that mixer. Now I know who to call for a mixer lesson. Hmmm, which cookies should we make first? Oh, oh, first I have to find a Groupon so I can buy that overweight mixer! Now signing off to do some push ups so I can pick up that contraption once it’s in my kitchen!

  3. bossybostwick April 11, 2013 at 4:12 am #

    D2, get on those push-ups and order your big daddy!!! You brag, but don’t spread the word because I only do special deliveries for special pals…

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