Feisty and Fashionable

20 Apr

Princessenpointe was born with an independent streak so fierce that when she was a toddler it sometimes drove me to tears, literally.  After the word “Mama,” her first words were “I do it!” (exclamation point included).  This girl has never encountered something that seems bigger than her determination.  This is both awe inspiring and mind boggling at the same time.

Recently, she applied for the Fashion Board at Nordstrom, including getting two letters of recommendation, writing three essays and completing an extensive project.  She did this all on her  own and even with the deadlines, she was steadfast.  She passed the first stage and has an interview on Monday…

Today, I dropped her off at a fashion conference for high school students held at our local community college.  She was the only junior high student attending and did not know a soul.  After she checked in, I lingered, nervous for her.  We all know how it feels to be a teenager  (or a person of any age, really) entering a huge room with no recognizable faces.  I thought she might hesitate. But, even at 14, she said, “OK, mom.  Bye.”  She turned and walked down the center aisle toward the front of the room to take a seat.  At that age, I would have quietly snuck into the back row without a group of friends with me for support.  But, this chica of mine knows what she wants and knows she can have it.  She walks into a room like she owns it.  Someday she probably will.  What I think of as courageous, she does not even bat an eyelash at…Why would she?  She can handle it.  The world better watch out because this little lady is going to make her mark and have a say about it.  I know her interview will go marvelously, but if you aren’t doing anything at 5:00 on Monday, send her some positive vibrations.



One Response to “Feisty and Fashionable”

  1. Sue at 11:49 pm #

    Good luck to Lorna today!

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