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6 May

You know that feeling when you look at your significant other, you family or your children and you are overflowing with love?  These moments can be quick, fleeting even, but they are powerful and it is significant to recognize them.  I have had a few of these the past two weeks and I feel happy to be overflowing with love.  But, I did not understand the power of the term “overflowing” as applied to inanimate objects until yesterday morning.

We were having a garage sale to raise money for our Relay for Life team, so I had to wake up at what my running pal affectionately calls, “The crack of f…”  Sirskatesalot had already headed out in the dark for a mountain bike race.  I wandered around the dark house for a minute, looked out the back sliding doors and thought the pool looked weird.  But, it was the “Crack of f…” and I did not have my contacts in and I had not had coffee.  I went into the kitchen, filled my cup with joe and stared out the kitchen window into the back yard for a moment to get my bearings.

I wondered why I had agreed to get up this early after all and sipped my coffee…and the pool still looked weird.  I squinted and tried to focus.  Back to the sliding doors, I noticed the hose was in the pool.  Then a moment of clarity. “Holy sh.., the pool is overflowing!”  I turned off the hose and investigated.  A large puddle by the side of the house where the pump is, but other than that, no damage.  Whew.

Later that morning, I texted Sirskatesalot to check on the race and told him hose was on and “Ooops.”  I am the most forgetful, so I understand.  I set the kitchen timer when I turn on the hose or a sprinkler because I would flood our entire street if I did not have a reminder.  No harm, no foul…Lucky us I didn’t wake up in “a beautiful pea green boat” with the Owl and the Pussycat.

Then, yesterday evening, Sirskatesalot and I had an couple hours without teens so headed out  to dinner.  On our way there, I brought up the overflowing pool and commented, “Good thing I woke up just an hour after you left or it could have been bad.  Surprising how much the pool filled in only an hour or so.”  Sirskatesalot responded that he had turned the hose on Friday evening at dusk and the water had been running for over 12 hours.  We are overflowing with love, gratitude and gratefulness that our bedroom is high and dry and our pool is full.  Sirskatesalot is very thorough and if he had been home, he probably would have patched any overflow with shoe goo or duct tape.

Hopefully your weekend was overflowing with fun or at least entertainment.

Worms and Coffee

5 Mar

We have drain worms.  Have you heard of these?  Neither had we.  They are microscopic black things that almost look like hair…teeny, tiny.  So, in the corners of grout in the shower, you don’t really notice them until you scrub.  I hate this stuff.  I loved when we had a landlord we could call who would come to the rescue without any financial or emotional stress on our part.  They live in the gross stuff in your pipes like hair and ick, so nasty.  I found them, then researched them online and had poor Sirskatesalot dismantling the master shower drain and scrubbing it with a wire bristled brush at 10:00 p.m. I have bought drain-o like chemicals, too.  We are currently putting a box fan into the shower after showering to dry out the wetness the worms like.  It is working, but what an f-ing waste of time and how NOT fun…plus disgusting.

Like drain worms are not enough, the coffee pot is backed up.  Time for the vinegar decalcification process.  I searched through the drawer in the kitchen where I store all the manuals for kitchen appliances, but no luck.  I tried pushing all the buttons to get to the “clean” cycle on the front of the machine, too.  Frusturated, I searched up by the cookbooks over the stove and found the Mr. Coffee manual.  Score.  Only, after I could not locate the “select” button shown in the manual, I realized, we have a Kitchen Aid coffee maker.  Ugh.  I tossed the manual in the trash, used two hands to manipulate the buttons on the coffee pot and finally got it to the clean cycle.  Relief.

Sirskatesalot was taking out the recycling while I was filling the machine with vinegar.  He can become quite attached to useless stuff (check out our garage).   Have you ever dug through the recycling before taking it out to the big bin?  I have not.  He pulled out the Mr. Coffee manual, stared at it for a minute, then admonished, “What?  Are you sure you want to get rid of this manual for our coffee maker?”  Ha, I was so wise from my experiments.  “Yes.”  Sirskatesalot is having a hard time departing with this bit of recycling, “You really don’t want the manual for the coffee pot?”  I just stared, then, quietly stated, “We have not had a Mr. Coffee machine for about five years.”  He looked at the cover again, speechless, he put it back into the bin and carried the recycling outside.  If you have a Mr. Coffee and need a manual, it is out on the curb in the recycling bin…trash day tomorrow. If you have a manual for the Kitchen Aid  coffee maker from Costco, I’d love to have a gander.


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