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Don’t Pointe at Me

15 Feb

My daughter is a dancer.  Buns, leotards, pink tights and tutus.  And, pointe shoes.  Pointe shoes are a right of passage for ballerinas.  Dancers have to work hard to be recommended for pointe class.  It takes years to accomplish.  I am proud of our ballerina.  But, pointe shoes are expensive and need to be replaced frequently…as in every two to six weeks to the tune of about $80-100.

Last weekend, I used one of my standing intervals to take my sweet ballerina for new pointe shoes.  She has a brand and style she likes, so there would be no need for a fitting.  Quick and painless, right?  Just ask for the kind she likes, state her size, pay a chunk of change and get out.  Perfect.

Not.  Said sweet ballerina did not notice the shoes had an “N” after the “XX”(I have no idea what that means for sizing on pointe shoes.  They are a Russian brand and I am not fluent in Russian).  So, we grab a few other necessary ballet items like toe pads (ouch!) and drive the 15 minutes home.

Did I tell you my ballerina is a teenager?  Sweet as can be 90% of the time.  Use your imagination for the other 10%.  Once home, she heads to her room to try on the new shoes and get ready for the tedious process of hand sewing on ribbons and elastics.  Then,   a wail, followed by her bedroom door slamming open.  “Ahhh!  These are not the right size!”  Oops.  “Well, you had the size written down, what happened?”

You can imagine it all turned out to be my fault.  Go figure.  And now the world is certainly going to end.  She will now not have time to sew on her ribbons and elastics before Monday’s class and there is absolutely no way she will have time to break them in. I state this is ridiculous (calm and motherly, of course) offer to drive her back, but am firm that I am not using another set of my standing minutes going into the store.  She will have to go in and sort it out herself.  After a while we come to an understanding.  Proper pointe shoes are scored and Peg Leg remains in the car. Lesson learned?  Double check your order, be nice to your mom and if you have a little girl, do not encourage dance…choose something cheaper like soccer…otherwise in about eight years, you will be buying point shoes every month with a teenage ballerina.



Music Memories

8 Feb

While I was driving to carpool at the junior high yesterday (most obnoxious traffic, parking and streets ever designed!).  “Bette Davis Eyes” by Kim Carnes came on the radio.  In case you have forgotten, I copied the first refrain.  I’m certain it will jog your brain:

Her hair is Harlow gold, her lips sweet surprise

Her hands are never cold, she’s got Bette Davis eyes

She’ll turn the music on you, you won’t have to think twice

She’s pure as New York snow, she got Bette Davis eyes

This song is evokes vivid childhood memories.  My BFF, who I have known since I was two years old, and I, choreographed a fabulous dance number to Kim Carnes’ amazing song when we were about 7 and 9.  We both still remember some of the amazing moves which included a forward roll  “She’ll take a tumble on you/Roll you like you were dice until you come up blue”  For “…you come up blue,” I think we had a blue cloth we held up.

We wore leotards, elastic belts and leg warmers with shoe strings.   I had the added distinction of brown Holly Hobby glasses with bifocals and an eye patch.   Stylish and talented. We were serious performers and this song meant something to us.  I have no idea what it meant to us, but it sure meant something important for we knew all the lyrics and we sang it at the top of our lungs.  We also loved the song “FAME” from the TV show, but we didn’t know any of the lyrics, so we just shouted “Fame!”  when that part of the song rolled around. The rest of the lyrics we just sang as “nana nannna.”  Like I said, we were a talented twosome.

Isn’t it interesting what memories are jogged by music?  The feelings elicited by a song are often so vivid you cannot help but react, teary-eyed (House at Pooh Corner by Kenny Loggins that we would sing to Princelightningbolt when he was a baby) or grinning from ear to ear (Under Pressure by David Bowie and Freddy Mercury).

I’m listening to R.E.M.’s Green album right now.  What’s on your playlist? What have you not heard in a while that makes you happy or reminds you of someone?  I’m going to dig up some memories in my CD drawer.  I’ll leave you with this…for the memories:


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