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20 Minutes to Kill

29 Jan

Amazing how fast time flies…especially when you are sitting on your ass wishing you were out on the trails running, or at least up cleaning the kitchen floor.  What can you do in 20 minutes?  Some days I can accomplish a surprising amount and some days, I just limp around in my boot wondering what happened to my 20 minutes.  I have swept leaves around the pool in 20 minutes, made cookie dough…then during another 20 minute slot, baked those cookies (Delicious Snickerdoodles. Let me know if you want the recipe), changed sheets on two beds, made it through a very abbreviated Target trip, shopped for dance shoes with my teen ballerina and showered.

Showering is probably the greatest 20 minute accomplishment so far (yes, shaving and hair washing included).  It truly is a HUGE accomplishment when you add in the time it takes to wrap my Peg Leg in a trash bag and tape the top around my thigh.  This timed, showering accomplishment takes even longer when SirSkatesAlot is being uber helpful and takes the packing tape gun from our bathroom back to the garage…and I don’t realize it is not on the counter until I am already disrobed and have the trash bag cinched around my thigh!  Yes, water is running, hot and steamy now, and I am six minutes into my 20.  Ugh.  Off to the garage I go, galump, galump, galump. Use your imagination, or if you know me personally, don’t.  Anyway, I still did it all in 20 minutes and collapsed, clean, happy, shaved, non-lotioned and dressed.  This is more tiring than the 30k trail race I did in November.  Seriously.

Images from 30K PCTR Santa Monica Mountains to clear your dirty minds of the shower descriptions:


Couch potato training

25 Jan

For starters, foot surgery sucks.  Like as in big, giant, fat sucks.  It doesn’t hurt too badly, it just sucks.  The fact that I am a trail runner, by day and night, makes this big suck even harder (pun intended).  No exercise for me.  Friends cheer, “Yeah, you will finally be a couch potato.”  One brought over all the seasons of Sex in the City to entertain and educate me.  I hardly watch TV, so many are excited I might finally watch their favorite show and be able to banter with them about it.  We’ll see.  Many have brought chocolate.  It may even be a conspiracy to get me fat because a group of them are also doing a “Biggest Loser” challenge this month for which I was not invited to compete.  Hmm.



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