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25 Apr

Is waiting for Friday a bad way to live?  I am all about making the most of each day, having fun, squeezing the life out of it…but once spring fever sets in, I am kind of a mess. Even though I am appreciating each day, in the back of my mind, I am just waiting for Friday to arrive.  When the alarm goes off Monday morning, I literally think, “Only four days until Friday” before I am even out of bed.  This is a terrible way to live, but it does kind of give you a short term goal…make it to Friday.  And if I get through to enough Fridays, it will be summer!  I live for summer, the beach, the unscheduled time, the late nights, the visitors, the fun.  I am counting down.

Is this not like working toward a long term goal?  Work through Monday, Tuesday, Wed…and you achieve your goal of Friday!  Whew.  I used to like goals.  I was hyper focused on them and achieved  many because I was focused.  I enjoyed the satisfaction, but not the process.  I’m more focused on the process now…probably a little too much because I hardly even make grocery lists, I haven’t seriously trained for a race for over three years (although I have run plenty…I just haven’t trained properly…totally different experience), and I refuse to clean my car..to the offense of my neighbors…

Today is Wednesday, I am going to focus on Thursday for all it has to offer, but holy lands, I want Friday here already.  Doesn’t just saying, “Friday” make you smile?  Try “summer” and you will be smiling for hours.

Foot Surgery is Like Pregnancy

28 Jan

Ah, you sneer, “Foot surgery is NOTHING like pregnancy!”  I understand your initial defensiveness.  I have been pregnant two times and I thought it compared to nothing else in this world.  However, now that I am a Peg Leg, I have found a glaring similarity.  Random people I encounter with my Peg Leg, and some close friends as well, want to share with me every injury or trauma they have had involving anything from their leg south.  These thrilling topics include injuries to all of these and more: fibia, tibia, a torn calf muscle, hamstring, mcl, acl, plantar fasciitis and plantar warts (gross!).

This is where I am taken back to the feelings I had being pregnant.  My huge belly seemed to be a welcome sign for complete strangers to share with me the horrors of pregnancy, delivery, babies and motherhood.  My Peg Leg elicits similarly negative stories about feet and legs. I get it, people want to relate.  But, remember,  I am now only up to 20 minutes of standing time per hour.  These stories generally use up all my minutes, the buzzer goes off, I have accomplished nothing and I have to go sit down.  So far, I have missed my daughter dancing, had to leave the grocery store without actually buying anything and ditched out at World Market when I had a bitchin 49% off coupon.  I am depressed just typing this.

How do you stop someone mid-sentence when they are sharing their traumatic plantar wart story with you? Honestly, I would prefer to limp past everyone and go about my business.  I don’t want to talk about my Peg Leg.  I don’t want to explain my confusing surgery nor how long I will be a Peg Leg.  Not interesting to me in the least. And while I feel empathy for you, I don’t really want to live through your traumatic foot or leg experience when I am still in the throws of my own.

Talk to me about the beach, sunsets, dinners out at nice restaurants, long bike rides, runs in the mountains.  Share with me about living the life I used to live and I miss so much.  Share with me all day long and I will live vicariously through you, but keep your inquiring minds and your broken bones, ligaments and cartilage to yourself…Unless I am on my 40 minutes of sitting and I have a chair.  Then, I am bound to be bored to death and happy to have some free entertainment.

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