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27 Jan

My husband, SirSkatesAlot, just got home from a week away, so he is feeling especially helpful this weekend.  I appreciate any and all help right now, don’t get me wrong.  Yesterday, in his flurry of housecleaning and helpfulness, SirSkatesAlot ran the dishwasher with the liquid soap used for washing dishes in the sink. Easy mistake.  Both the dish soap and the dishwasher soap live under the sink.  Although it has never happened to me, I guess I can understand how one could mistake the white dish soap with the squirt top and the words “Liquid Dish Soap ” on the label for the green container with the crusty white residue on the pop top that says “Dishwasher Detergent.”  No judgement here, this probably happens to people all the time…

Have you ever seen a fountain that has been pranked by teenagers using dish soap?  Did you notice the mountains of bubbles?  You get the idea.  Just imagine a dishwasher instead of a fountain.  Bubbles are great for soaking dishes, washing hands, cutting grease and killing germs.  However, bubbles are not great in the dishwasher.  Bubbles are not great on the floor of the kitchen when they are spewing out of the dishwasher.  Worse yet, all those bubbles did not even clean the dishes.  SirSkatesAlot should probably stick to chores involving shoe goo and skateboards…and velcro straps, too.


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