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Pierce this

16 May

TIme flies and I am obviously flakier than I thought.  Whew.  Time to get back in the saddle.  It’s easier to write when I do it every day.  For great advice on this check out Stephen King’s On Writing or Anne Lamott’s Bird by Bird.  Anyway, Princelightningbolt has started letting the big, plug holes in his ears close and has been pestering us for a nose piercing.  Oy.  How many holes does this kid need in his head?

Sirskatesalot and I have donned some awesome hairstyles, piercings and tattoos (including blue hair, green hair, shaved heads and more).  So, we agreed when we decided to have munchkins, that as long as our kids had good grades, were respectful, healthy people, we would be lenient about their appearances and any alterations thereof.  Big sigh when Princelightningbolt requested earrings (not one like when we were growing up, but two…I guess now one symbolizes things he doesn’t represent, but two is cool).  Then plugs.  EEEGGGAAAAAD.  On we trotted toward a hooligan looking teen.  Mostly keeping quiet.  He’s a good kid, afterall.

Then, the nose piercing.  We put him off for  a long while and then this weekend came and he was so persistent and we felt we had to uphold our agreement.  And…ah, basically, teens win around here and parents lose.

After Princelightningbolt forgot his ID and we made our second trip to the tattoo parlor, I filled out paperwork and hoped it was sanitary in there.  Princelightningbolt went back with a gal covered in tattoos including her hands, chest and neck, plus plugs about 2 inches in diameter.  I don’t judge.  I swear.  Remember I have spent the past two and half decades with skateboarders.  But…this is my baby.

After about ten minutes, Princelightningbolt came out and said, “Mom, you don’t know how badly that hurt!” and then described the six inch needle she threaded through his nostril, the blood and the view he had of the needle as it slid down by his chin.  I was smiling from ear to ear.  I don’t think he’ll do the other nostril any time soon.  But, if he does, I will take him and I will keep my mouth shut, mostly.  Because in the whole scheme of things, he rocks at what is important and this other shit is purely about expression.  Those that will judge based on piercings and outward expressions of teen angst are boring and missing out on some cool kids.  As cliche as it might be, Bernard M. Baruch was dead on: “Those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.”


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