Worms and Coffee

5 Mar

We have drain worms.  Have you heard of these?  Neither had we.  They are microscopic black things that almost look like hair…teeny, tiny.  So, in the corners of grout in the shower, you don’t really notice them until you scrub.  I hate this stuff.  I loved when we had a landlord we could call who would come to the rescue without any financial or emotional stress on our part.  They live in the gross stuff in your pipes like hair and ick, so nasty.  I found them, then researched them online and had poor Sirskatesalot dismantling the master shower drain and scrubbing it with a wire bristled brush at 10:00 p.m. I have bought drain-o like chemicals, too.  We are currently putting a box fan into the shower after showering to dry out the wetness the worms like.  It is working, but what an f-ing waste of time and how NOT fun…plus disgusting.

Like drain worms are not enough, the coffee pot is backed up.  Time for the vinegar decalcification process.  I searched through the drawer in the kitchen where I store all the manuals for kitchen appliances, but no luck.  I tried pushing all the buttons to get to the “clean” cycle on the front of the machine, too.  Frusturated, I searched up by the cookbooks over the stove and found the Mr. Coffee manual.  Score.  Only, after I could not locate the “select” button shown in the manual, I realized, we have a Kitchen Aid coffee maker.  Ugh.  I tossed the manual in the trash, used two hands to manipulate the buttons on the coffee pot and finally got it to the clean cycle.  Relief.

Sirskatesalot was taking out the recycling while I was filling the machine with vinegar.  He can become quite attached to useless stuff (check out our garage).   Have you ever dug through the recycling before taking it out to the big bin?  I have not.  He pulled out the Mr. Coffee manual, stared at it for a minute, then admonished, “What?  Are you sure you want to get rid of this manual for our coffee maker?”  Ha, I was so wise from my experiments.  “Yes.”  Sirskatesalot is having a hard time departing with this bit of recycling, “You really don’t want the manual for the coffee pot?”  I just stared, then, quietly stated, “We have not had a Mr. Coffee machine for about five years.”  He looked at the cover again, speechless, he put it back into the bin and carried the recycling outside.  If you have a Mr. Coffee and need a manual, it is out on the curb in the recycling bin…trash day tomorrow. If you have a manual for the Kitchen Aid  coffee maker from Costco, I’d love to have a gander.

2 Responses to “Worms and Coffee”

  1. Amy April 17, 2013 at 11:59 pm #

    So did you get rid of the worms? I just found some coming from the grout in my shower an I need to get rid of them STAT! Any suggestions?

    • bossybostwick April 19, 2013 at 8:15 pm #

      Yes, we did finally get rid of them. Be sure to take off the cover for your shower drain and clean out as far down as you can with a brush. The worms looked like they were coming from our grout, too, but they are really coming from the drain. Google it…gross! Here is a link to stuff that works…http://www.doyourownpestcontrol.com/df5000.htm There are also reviews and other recommended ways of treating, including insecticides online. Ours never turned to flies, but they will if they aren’t taken care of and then they can infiltrate all your other drains. Good luck! Keep me posted. I feel like you and I might be the only two people on the planet lucky enough to be discussing this topic

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