Red Light, Green Light

28 Feb

Traffic tickets suck.  In the OC, these suck to the sum of $536!  Incredible.  Then, the offender is also required to pay an additional sum to be allowed to take traffic school. And no one wants higher insurance rates around here, so traffic school is a must.

In this family, someone ran a red light…no you cannot floor it and get through that yellow in time… and it was caught on a camera (amazing photography:  clear car picture with license plate before intersection showing red light, clear picture of driver inside of car and clear picture of said car and driver driving through the intersection with the red light still lit).

Remember that whole support thing I talked about?  I guess that carries over to traffic school, too.  Of the three drivers in the house, I have the most flexible schedule and the most time.  So, I volunteered to do the online course for said red light racer.

Truly, the traffic school course was not difficult and went by quickly.  I am quite a good guesser after all.  I read very little and watched almost none of the videos, but was able to guess that the guy in the last video had brown hair.  Why is this a question?  How does this make one more safe or ready to follow the rules of the road?  Generally the color of the cars in the diagram were red, blue or green, so that worked well for guessing.  Traffic school is certainly not about creating a safer driver, though.  If a driver is acting aggressive toward you, should you chase him down?  That is really a choice for an answer.

After I took the final, I started to wonder if it is just me.  Maybe most drivers around us are idiots who would chase you down if you cut them off by accident, who don’t know it is illegal to make a u-turn on a one way street and worse.  This is a scary thought when you have one teen driving and one almost there.  Or maybe it’s just a silly person in my family who thinks like Jeff Bridges in Starman

Reminded me of Jeff Bridges in Starman:


One Response to “Red Light, Green Light”

  1. NTP February 28, 2013 at 4:41 am #

    Loving the new format. Tre chic! As a two time participant of online traffic school, one for me and one for my dad doing me a favor driving daughter back from out of state party school, I had to laugh out loud. I think I was a better student than you were, I actually wasted way too much time trying to read the curriculum, but then found that I couldn’t stand the banality of it all and I started guessing like crazy. You made me laugh out loud remembering my pain of being sequestered in my dining room so that I could concentrate and graduate so that my hubbie wouldn’t yell at me for our insurance rates going up. The ticket I got was beyond ridiculous, but that’s another story:)

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