Life Skills

24 Feb

I volunteered today at an M.U.N. (Model United Nations) conference at Princelightningbolt’s high school.  I didn’t have M.U.N. at my high school so this was all new to me when he first started high school.  This program is right up Sirlightningbolt’s alley (he loves history, politics, being up in front of people and writing a mean essay).  I am impressed I can discuss topics pertinent to the world with him because he is educated about current events.  He now knows that behind the Orange Curtain does not lie the entire world.

What I really enjoy about these conferences is seeing hundreds of smart, educated, interested teens all dressed up at 6:30 in the morning on a weekend day, ready for action.  Why doesn’t this make the news?  Hundreds of sleepy, overworked  teens are up at the crack of dawn, dressed to the nines and ready to debate issues pertinent to our world today.  What could be better?  When I drop Princelightningbolt off in my pajamas and  the sun has barely cracked the horizon, I am impressed.

These kids are going places.  The skills they have as teens will serve them well.  Get up, be prepared, show up, make a good case, dress the part, engage your audience, have the endurance to do it for 10 hours with a small lunch break.  Doesn’t this sound like a day of meetings at a real job?  Follow through, knowledge, preparation and presentation (of both information and of self) are key.  But, more important than all of these life skills, these teens seem happy.  They smile, they joke, they obviously have camaraderie.  This is important stuff.  This is life, this is relationships, this is communication.

We hear there are no jobs, kids are denied college entrance even with GPA’s well above perfect, their majors are impacted and worse.  However, there is a legion of teens out there ready to take on the world…head on.  These kids can dress the part, they can argue a point, they can commit and they can put it all down on paper.  Be ready, they are coming and they are strong.  If they keep developing this skill set, us parents will be in good hands when we age and are depending on someone younger to care for and make decisions for us.

And we will rest easy knowing they are productive, engaged and happy in their lives.  We all need to remember to hone these life skills and validate their importance at a time when most of us are checking their grades daily and forgetting that the grades are a very small part of the package.  Truly, do you even remember your high school GPA?  Probably not.  But, I bet you remember how you felt in high school and what you learned that you still know and utilize to this day.  I bet it mattered if you were happy and involved and I bet that still matters today.


2 Responses to “Life Skills”

  1. NTP February 24, 2013 at 5:36 pm #

    Bravo. I had Jota read your post today and he agreed that you captured the essence of the students that are a part of MUN. The best thing that Kbear took from high school was MUN. The life lessons such as public speaking and current events were invaluable. She was exposed to different points of views and different cultures. In fact, Kbear’s core group of best friends in high school, mostly in MUN, had primary languages other than English- Russian, Yugoslavian, Afghani, Spanish and Chinese. The caliber of students that were in this program was unparalleled. They are all on the pass to success, lessons learned in their MUN classroom and honed at their conferences. Our only regret is that Kbear’s sibling had to choose video production over MUN since he is at a different (smaller) high school than she is. We still talk fondly and regularly about MUN and what it taught our daughter, as does she. The engraved gavel that she was presented with at the last banquet of senior year still has a place of honor in her room. It’s a symbol that she can affect change and be part of the solution.

    • bossybostwick February 25, 2013 at 5:34 am #

      Isn’t the gavel great? Sirlightningbolt’s awards are held in high esteem in his cave. I dare not touch…especially the engraved gavel. Glad you understood the broadness of MUN. I wish it was required. Our job is to prepare them for the world and MUN helps. A 4.whatever GPA does not. I am refreshed and encouraged by well-rounded, dedicated kids and MUN conferences have them in droves and it is an impressive site. Glad to hear Kbear carries these relationships with her even after graduations. I hope the same for Princelightningbolt.

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