Poop Patrol

5 Feb

Sirskatesalot and I walked the pooches yesterday.  A very, very leisurely 20 minute stroll with me limping behind.  It was nice to get outside and move, however slowly.  Then Sirbarksalot (little black lab) went to the bathroom.  No biggie, normal walk.  I take poop bag off leash, clean up and off we go…galump, galump.  Then Sirbiggestgoldenontheplanet has to poop.  Ok, cool.  Another nice break from galumping along.  But Sirskatesalot has Sirbiggestgoldenontheplanet and no poop bag.  Duh.

“You don’t have a bag?”  Sirskatesalot answers, “No, I didn’t notice we only had one.”  Great. What to do now?  I have one, shit filled poop bag and another gigantic, steaming turd on a neighbor’s lawn.  Sirskatesalot is nothing if not resourceful. Remember, he is a skateboarder.  He asks for Sirbarksalot’s poop filled bag and opens it, figures a way to scoop up shit from Sirbiggestgoldenontheplanet and makes it all fit! I must say, I am impressed.  He didn’t use shoe goo or a skateboard and he didn’t even get any on his hand.


3 Responses to “Poop Patrol”

  1. NTP at 1:45 am #

    Bravo! The man has serious skills. For a second I was scared Sirskatesalot was leaving presents on the neighbor’s lawn. I was not yet aquainted withSirbarksalot and Sirbiggestgoldenontheplanet. Feeling very relieved, as are your precious pooping pooches. Carry on Ms. Bossy. Glad you are getting out more.

    • bossybostwick at 4:34 am #

      Yes, NTP, my man can do things. Poop scooping is almost at the top of the list, not as creative as his being an artist, but it is a very useful talent around here. You would be well-acquainted with both Sirbarksalot and Sirbiggestgoldenontheplanet if you had done your due diligence with naming for my blog. Unlike your hood, people don’t just leave turds laying around in other people’s yards. We are very refined. Even Sirskatesalot.

      • NTP at 5:02 am #

        I know, I hate to admit it but there is a daily plop in front of my house. It hurts my feelings. What have I done to the owner of the pooper who feels its okay to plop on my front lawn. My lawn may not be pretty but it’s not an open invite. Joey thinks its the Huskies. I hope he’s right because I sure give them dirty looks. C’mon people. Pick up after your dog. Amen!

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