Das Boot

2 Feb

Yes, I know that is the title of a war movie from the 1980s, but it sure sounds like a funny way to refer to my boot.  In addition, das boot is actually a weapon of mass destruction so the war analogy seems appropriate. I know my boot is not a boat, don’t worry.  I just want to share a little about my complex and tortured relationship with das boot.  Das boot is clearly a necessary evil and I am grateful it is removable (only when I am seated) and that I don’t have to be on crutches.

There are some major issues though.  Das boot does not fit under any pants except for yoga pants…stylish, yes, but I only have one pair.  Skinny jeans tuck in nicely but look ridiculous.  The only shoe I have that makes my right leg level with das boot on my left leg is my dirty, trail running shoe.  Do you see another skinny jean dilemma? Das boot has to be removed every time I change.  This process involves lots of velcro, gentle removal of my sad foot and some scootching and manuevering in the seated position to get dressed…sometimes even with legs in the air like a rolly polly bug on its back.

Worst of all is sleeping with das boot.  As you can see from my first post, das boot is enormous.  It is heavy.  It is sharp.  It is plastic.  Cozy up with that and a good book!    This sucker requires me to wake up completely to roll over, it gets caught in the covers, it bangs into my other leg, and it is just downright uncomfortable.  I am sleeping with a weapon of mass destruction and it is not SirSkatesAlot.



One Response to “Das Boot”

  1. jenmaaninamman February 2, 2013 at 10:36 pm #

    I sympathize with you and your boredom–it’s kind of like living in the middle east when you have no friends and nothing to do and can’t run in the street or show your skin…but enough about me; I had knee issues about six months back and couldn’t run for about a month (I know it’s nothing in comparison) and it was almost the death of me I was so antsy and missed that runners high. You need to get hooked on good TV shows. Try Homeland or borrow the Californication DVDs from Nicole that I gave her.

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